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Ian Marrero Posts

Free Splunk Training for Vets

I just came across a great resource for US Veterans that can help them start or enhance their career cybersecurity. Splunk offers free their Fundamentals training to all US Veterans for free. It will not make you a pro at Splunk but it is a good resource to familiarize yourself with the tool. To validate your veteran status, you must have a USAA account or upload your DD-214. You can signup or find out more about the program Here.

Farewell Census Team!

Today, I close another chapter in my life. After 4 years working for the US Census Bureau, I leave in search of a new and more challenging adventure in an area that interests me the most. I have learned a lot in those 4 years: from system administration to information security. Thanks to everyone who took their time and patience to mentor me; and those who took their time to listen to me as I shared my knowledge and experiences…

Bronze Award Recognition

Last month, I had the great opportunity to be recognized with Department of Commerce Bronze Medal. The Bronze Medal is the highest award presented by the head or secretarial officer of a bureau under the Department of Commerce, for superior performance. Special thanks goes to those who helped me achieved this moment, especially to C. Allen, N. Patel., “T”, C. Nguyen, and S. Lee. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise and knowledge towards the accomplishment…

Equifax Security Breach: Degree in Music

Recently, Equifax Inc was target of a hack that may have affected over 143 millions of Americans[0]. It was pointed out that the Equifax’s Chief Security Officer Susan Mauldin didn’t had a degree in Information Technology. Based on her LinkedIn profile (now removed),  Susan Mauldin had a degree in Music Composition[1]. The folks at /r/technology and other tech websites wasted no time to make fun about the former CSO being unqualified for such import position in a corporation that handles a financial and…