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Ian Marrero Posts

Mini-NetWars – Mission 3 (May 2020)

Snaaake What two, large words appear first when you exit the game? e.g. Elf Terminal Quit the game through the UI and then: What high-numbered port is open on another host in the same /24 network? e.g. 5000 3000 What flag is shown when you disable something outside the Snaaake game? NetWars{ShutItDown} SAME If you type in a bad difficulty level, what is the error type that occurs? (e.g. SparkleTooHighError) FileNotFoundError If you load an invalid file using a path…

pfSense and Verizon FiOS

I have a small homelab setup at home that I use to practice cyber ninja skills and test new technology. My homelab consist of a refurbished HP Z420 Workstation with 64 GB RAM and over 2 TB of SSD storage used as a server. The server is running VMware ESXI 6.7, which hosts several VMs. One of the VMs is pfSense and has a 2 NIC adapter assigned for LAN and WAN. I also have Verizon’s FiOS G1100 router that…

NSA Python Training Material

A brave individual (@chris_swenson) placed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for NSA’s Python training materials. The course is a text-only document that contains 2 weeks / 8 hour days training to become proficient in Python. The course in unclassified, which allows everyone including those with security clearances to read the document and practice their coding skills.

Open post to view download link.