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Category: Cybersecurity

Mini-NetWars – Mission 3 (May 2020)

Snaaake What two, large words appear first when you exit the game? e.g. Elf Terminal Quit the game through the UI and then: What high-numbered port is open on another host in the same /24 network? e.g. 5000 3000 What flag is shown when you disable something outside the Snaaake game? NetWars{ShutItDown} SAME If you type in a bad difficulty level, what is the error type that occurs? (e.g. SparkleTooHighError) FileNotFoundError If you load an invalid file using a path…

GIAC GCIH Certified!… and some tips.

On October 16 2019, I passed GCIH exam with a score of 93%. Honestly, I was surprised I scored so high. I didn’t feel like I had a passing score until 2.5 hours (out of 4 hours) into the exam. The exam is designed to measure your knowledge on the many cyber attack types and tools discussed in their book material. In order to pass, it is important to understand in which stage of incident handling you are in. Additionally,…

Cybersecurity Resourses – Links and more

Often I see posts on Reddit asking “Where do you get your news about cybersecurity from?”. There are many places to get your news from and it varies depending on what kind of information your are searching for. There is digital forensics, network defender, application security, threat hunting, and more. I have created a list of resources I follow to stay updated about whats going on. Feel free to share it with others or submit links that you think should…

Free Splunk Training for Vets

I just came across a great resource for US Veterans that can help them start or enhance their career cybersecurity. Splunk offers free their Fundamentals training to all US Veterans for free. It will not make you a pro at Splunk but it is a good resource to familiarize yourself with the tool. To validate your veteran status, you must have a USAA account or upload your DD-214. You can signup or find out more about the program Here.